Art and Sport Feasibility

 Studioshaw worked with the management team on a proposal for a leading independent school in the north of England wishing to invest in new art and sports facilities. 

Interestingly, each function benefits from consistent and cool-temperature north light, so a north-south saw tooth roof form, with glazed sections, could be employed for both.

Art classrooms could then be arranged around a series of external painting and sculpture courtyards. 

Circulation in the proposal is arranged around the courtyards via covered external walkways, which have planted roofs. This variety of courtyards offers a range of spaces, with differing light qualities at different times of day and year.

The indoor sports facilities are positioned to allow for spectators to enjoy sports being played on external all-weather pitches. 

Common areas for staff are shared between the two departments and are accessible to older students. Changing areas are also shared. These overlaps are designed to encourage students of one department to engage with the other, in the interests of a well-rounded and balanced education.