Architecture Foundation Competition, Antepavilion (2017)

Studioshaw took part in the first of the Antepavilion competitions; a series of experimental structures to be built at Hoxton Docks.

The brief called for proposals that explored alternative ways of living in the city, engaging with issues such as sustainability and recycling. Our proposal focuses on the arrangement of the building plan, for this dictates the way in which people live and use their space. The RIBA ‘Case for Space’ report found that ‘34% of occupied households said they didn’t have enough space to have friends over for dinner and 48% didn’t have space for visitors at all’. The layout of a typical 1 bedroom apartment is seemingly formed by shrinking each room of a larger floor plan. As a result, each room is compromised.

Our scheme rethinks this status quo by creating two distinct zones; one being tightly planned to accommodate standard living objects, and the other being a more generous open plan area. This area can then be used for various types of activity such as supper clubs, exhibitions or gym classes, allowing more flexibility and adaptability for its residents.