Extension for family with special needs, Kent

The project extends an existing home for a private client who have a grandchild with special needs. The Ground Floor is reconfigured so that it is much more suitable for both her and the clients needs.  A new ramped side entrance allows for a ramped access to the property. 

The proposed additional massing is sensitive and appropriate to the scale and character of the street. The new first floor extension is set back from the existing 'Tudor style' facade and preserves the mansard roof profile. The extension at ground floor will transform the living/dining area, allowing more light to enter this key space as well as creating a more satisfactory relationship with the garden. 

The proposed materials have been chosen to reference those of the existing building whilst creating a contemporary distinction. Shou Sugi Ban (Black burned cedar) cladding is a contemporary reference to the black timber elements and locally sourced light coloured red bricks reference the existing brick plinth.