District 10, Dundee, Competition Win

Studioshaw has won first prize in an open ideas competition sponsored by Scottish Enterprise and the Dundee Institute of Architects. The is site within the District 10 masterplan, part of a billion pound regeneration of the Cities waterfront areas which includes a new V&A Museum by Kengo Kuma. The area is at the heart of the Dundee games industry, a fast-growing sector of the cities’ economy. The brief called for a new facility for children and young people.

Within the gaming industries, prototyping is incredibly important; to test, get feedback, iterate and collaborate. There is a constant need for people to participate and give feedback to these innovations, in order to make these products viable to take to market. Mobile technology means that we can now connect everyone in the city together. This technology allows us to explore the physicality of the city, and Pokemon-Go and google maps are examples of this.

Our proposal is for a sunken, covered external space and a tower of work and meeting spaces, providing a physical home for the new digital and creative industries in the city.

The architecture responds to this, giving a beacon for associated partners and creating a universal ‘icon’ which we felt was missing from the masterplan. The tower offers amazing views of the Firth of Tay and adjacent City Centre. The covered space is highly flexible and can host a wide variety of functions.