Live: Middleton Lodge Estate


Middleton Quarry is a unique setting which merits a distinctive architectural response. The site is a limestone quarry in registered parkland which forms the grounds of Middleton Lodge, in North Yorkshire. 

Once quarrying is complete, there will be a restoration scheme on the site with a naturalistic meadow garden. Studioshaw has been involved in the design of the restoration scheme, which will take place once the minerals have been extracted from the site, creating an other-worldly landscape emulating the limestone geology of the North Yorkshire Moors. Through the design, we seek to reveal the layers of human intervention which have taken place here. 

Following this, the practice has been commissioned to design 12 contemporary lodges and a fine dining restaurant, set into the unique topography. 

The buildings create a dialogue with the extraction cliffs, where the landscape has been cut and carved to accommodate them and produce limestone for industry. This creates ambiguity and tension between the natural and created elements. 

The project will extend the Middleton Lodge Estate, creating a brand new type of luxury accommodation.