Community Retail Store, Salon, Office and Distribution Centre, Purplebone HQ, Islington

Following an initial refurbishment of their Notting Hill branch, we have been working closely with this expanding independent pet boutique and grooming salon, to develop a new concept store which reflects the shift in consumer activity from traditional high street stores to online, thereby embracing the world of digital retail. 

The new project, which includes their office headquarters and a grooming salon, creates a Community store, giving space within the footprint for canine community related activity. It also gives new opportunities for the retailer to display their specific internet-only products, as well as for customers to engage with the brand through social media platforms such as Instagram. We also propose to use the store’s street presence to maximum effect, creating special moments for online content.

Jacob von Nieuwkoop, Managing Director, Purplebone; “Studioshaw has unrivalled dedication and passion.  It has moved our business and the way our customers experience shopping with us to new levels.  The world of retail is changing very fast,  our  business is able to deal with these challenges because the design and overall experience of our stores. Studioshaw has been instrumental in not only crystallising our vision but pushing it further then we thought possible. I cannot stress enough how important  Studioshaw has been achieving our goals.”